• High Level Conceptualization

  • Brainstorming

  • Inventing new products/ reinventing old ones

  • Radical Thinking - generating original ideas 

  • Commercialization Strategies

  • New Brand Creation

  • Simplifying the Complex

  • Devising Highly Engaging and Innovative Marketing Initiatives

  • New Media & Content Creation - design & development

  • UI and UX - design and development

  • Systems Thinking

  • Strategic Planning

  • Multiple Application Strategies (MAPs) analysis & initiatives - a proprietary RIG methodology

  • Trend Forecasting - media scanning, future products, technology overview, nextGen communication models, marketing methodologies and social collaboration

  • Holistic Research - a proprietary RIG methodology


  • Real Time Adaptive Media

  • Blockchain Technologies and Applications

  • The Circular Economy

  • The Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Next Generation User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX)

  • Dynamic Social Networking Systems, Dynamic Publishing & the Semantic Web

  • Content Creation, future programming formats and networked distribution models

  • Artificial & Augmented Intelligence

  • Social Television 

  • The Venus Project

  • Convergent Technologies and nextGen Device Independent Communications

  • The Future of Business - B2B & B2C interaction and transaction models

  • Trends in Corporate and Brand Identity Management

  • Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality systems

  • Future Consumer Products

  • Future Education models

  • Gamification

  • Organic Architecture

  • Robotics

  • Space Exploration

  • Mass Transportation Systems and Personal Mobility

  • nextGen Entertainment Products and Services

  • Future Relaxation, Lifestyle, Leisure Activities

  • The application of technology and its impact on the future of humankind

change creates opportunity


Technology has empowered consumers and changed how and when they engage with products, services and content.  The traditional media and advertising models no longer have the power to propel brands.  This shift means that brands require intelligent, technology-savvy stewards to help them reach consumers in new ways and realize their true potential in a world where all advertising, including television, will be interactive.


With an innate ability to see multiple possibilities for any one given situation and a 'bigger picture' understanding of where things are headed, we help clients identify opportunities, navigate the future and stay ahead of their competition.